How to get help paying rent during this pandemic

How to get help paying rent during this pandemic

We are a finance publication and we realise that the coronavirus has hit everyone hard. You do not need to suffer in silence. If you are struggling to pay your rent, so let’s see how to get help paying rent.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for government programs designed to help you with your rental payments. If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, you should get in touch with your state housing finance agency or your local public housing agency office who may be able to help.

For emergency support or urgent assistance, you can contact your state human or social service agency.

Remember that there is help available during these financially threatening and unprecedented times.

Here is a summary of what assistance may be available to you to help with your rental payments:

Housing Help for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is offering the HUD-VASH for homeless veterans, which combines HUD housing vouchers with VA supportive services. the A new VA, the Shallow Subsidy initiative program, has also been announced. This initiative offers a fixed rental subsidy for low income veterans for up to 24 months.

Housing Help for Seniors

If you are senior looking for help with your rental payments, the Eldercare Locator is a free service that can help connect you with resources and programs specifically designed to assist seniors in your local area.

Help with Rural Housing

If you live in a rural area, the Local Rural Development (RD) offices can assist you through the Rural Housing Services.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Formerly Section 8)

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8) comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and can help families with low income, seniors, and people living with disabilities.

Housing Choice vouchers can pay for part or all of the rent. All types of accommodations are considered including apartments, townhouses and single parent/ single family homes.

Your local public housing agency (PHA) will determine if you qualify for a Housing Choice voucher. The criteria are generally based on:

  • Your annual gross income (Typically, your family’s income should not be more than 50% of the average income for the county or metropolitan area.)
  • Whether you qualify as a senior, a family, or a person with a disability
  • Whether you have US citizenship or immigration status
  • The size of your family
  • Other factors

Each state or city may have different qualifying conditions for housing programs and you should contact your local PHA to find out the specific requirements for your area.

We hope this article can provide you with some reassurance. There is support available to you during these challenging times.

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