UK Corporations AVIVA & Lloyds Supports Lime Insurance

UK Corporations AVIVA & Lloyds Supports Lime Insurance

UK corporations AVIVA & Lloyds supports Lime Insurance; a fast-growing UK-based online insurance provider. Lime Insurance launched in 2019 and is foremostly known for their cancer cover as they provide offers for a financial safety net following an approved cancer diagnosis from just £2.09 a month.

Lime got their license to provide products via Lloyds of London. Lloyds is a global specialist in the insurance and reinsurance market.

Lloyd’s Insurance

The Lloyd’s market has always spearheaded its industry for the past 300 years, engineering new forms of protection for an ever-changing world. Lloyd’s clientele spans from start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses to national governments and multinational corporations. These clients lean on Lloyd’s specialism, security, and strength to aid them in protecting what matters most. Furthermore, Lloyd’s market has been on the frontline to help customers all over the world to hold up against shock, recover as well as rebuild. Designed for an interrelated economy, Lloyd’s provides insurance for people, businesses as well as communities found in more than 200 nations and territories.

Lloyd’s partnership with Lime insurance shines a light on the trust they have in them.

Partnership with Aviva

Lime Insurance is also partnered with Aviva, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK.

Aviva has been serving its customers for more than 3 centuries. Aviva takes pride in paying out claims to its customers, having paid 98 percent of its claims in 2018. Its clients are over 15.5 million in the UK depending on them to protect their belongings and insure their future.

Aviva provides health insurance among other covers. Their health insurance coverage covers one’s private healthcare costs in the event that one has a treatable condition. Other medical services covered include overnight care, diagnostic tests, outpatient treatment, scans or aftercare, among other services.UK Corporations AVIVA & Lloyds Supports Lime Insurance

Lime Insurance
Cancer Essentials Cover

Statistics show that 1 in 2 people born after 1960 is going to be diagnosed with some kind of cancer in their lifetime. For most, fighting cancer can have devastating effects and may prevent them from being able to pay household bills.

Lime Insurance has partnered with Aviva to give one a cash sum of £5,000 upon diagnosis of cancer. This cash sum will help to cater to some of the hidden costs that are linked to cancer. These include being unable to work, covering household bills, and paying for childcare. Aviva will then go on to cover up to £100,000 to cover the cost of the newest and most innovative cancer treatment drugs.

So from just £2.03 per month, you get a cover that gives you £5,000 cash sum for costs of illness and another £100,000 for drugs that are not covered by the NHS.

Rapid Diagnostics Cover

For just £9.30 per month, you can get control of your health. You’ll have the peace of mind to sit back with the knowledge that in the near future, you can get fast access to diagnostic tests.

Once you feel that something’s not right, you’ll be able to avoid long waiting lists. You’ll get speedy access to private diagnostic tests, from one of 5000 clinics all over the UK. Once you get your results quickly, you can get on with treatment if required, or go for a referral to a specialist.

What Lime is About

Lime is a digital platform that is transforming the insurance world. It was designed in an effort to bring flexible, bite-size, affordable health cover to all. Its concept revolves around topping up the care that you receive from the NHS.

It is popular for cutting the cost and complexity involved in insurance, ensuring that it is available to everybody. Its focus is on the essential needs of people, and not necessarily a big package that’s full of expensive benefits that end up not getting used.

Being an online insurance company, it only takes a few seconds to get an insurance cover.

State of Insurance Cover UK

In the UK, there are 16 million people that are either under or uninsured. 11 million of these people are burdened with a mortgage to pay while with a family to support. Lime’s goal is to narrow this protection gap.

Lime Insurance

Shaun Williams, the CEO of Lime said:

“The UK has a significant protection gap, a forgotten majority that has little or no insurance. We think that’s a big problem.

“Now is the time to do something about it and we are working with some of the most innovative businesses in the industry and beyond to drive that change.”

“We’re providing simple, flexible insurance at a low cost so people can have the cover they need to protect the people they want. Customers need only answer a few short questions for the right products and level of cover to be identified.”

Mr Williams also continued with:

“We’ve designed our online platform to give clear guidance throughout the application journey so people can be confident when making decisions on what products to buy, for their own ever-changing personal situations and budgets.”

“Our first product to launch is Accidental Death cover. Simply put, if you’re killed by an accident, then it pays out for your family. We’ll be launching more products throughout the year – insuring against accidents is just the start.”

Lime’s First Product

Lime’s first product to launch in the UK was the Accidental cover. The offered covers are starting from £5,000 all the way to £500,000. This Accidental Death cover pays out a substantial sum to nominated beneficiaries in case of death that was caused by an accident.

Charlie Carrick, Lime’s Head of Global Markets adds:

“We offer insurance for real people with real needs, whether it’s someone who just bought their first flat, workers whose employer doesn’t offer insurance, or those living without an extended support network. Of the 16 million who don’t have adequate insurance, 11.3 million have either a mortgage or family to support, or both.
This is a huge insurance gap that we want to help fill. We’re excited about shaking up the market.”

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