EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mr. Eitan Gorodetsky, Director Of Acquisition at Betsson Group

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mr. Eitan Gorodetsky, Director Of Acquisition at Betsson Group

We are pleased to present our exclusive interview with Mr. Eitan Gorodetsky, Director Of Acquisition at Betsson Group.

Mr. Gorodetsky has been working in online marketing for the past 10 years. Six out of those years were in the iGaming industries where he worked at 888Holdings (LON: 888), Catena Media and now at Betsson Group (BETSB:SS).

Interview with Mr. Eitan Gorodetsky, Director Of Acquisition at Betsson Group
Q1) Why did you choose the gaming industry?

A1) I’m originally from Israel and over there, the gaming operator 888 is one of the best companies to work with. They are on the same level as working with Google or Facebook. So, when I had the opportunity of joining the company, I immediately took it and joined their SEO team there. Also, I also love gaming of all sorts, for me it was a natural step.

Q2) Where in your role lies your foremost passion?

A2) For me, that would be in leadership, operations and tech innovation. I’m extremely passionate about growing people; I want people to excel and be the very best they can be. I also want to see processes align and be scalable. Finally, I’m very passionate about creating innovative tech that can both be more beneficial for the company and drive people to excel above and go beyond their potential.

Q3) Who was your idol of inspiration when you were starting your career?

A3) My idol has always been Notorious BIG, aka Biggie. It started when I was still a kid
and I think he will always be my idol. He was a genius on many levels and above all, he kept it real. He came from nowhere and worked himself up to become number one, against all odds.

Betsson Group

Q4) Betsson Group is one of the largest companies within the European igaming industry.
Do you personally gamble? Which one of your sites is your favorite?

A4) I do gamble and I like slots and also table games. For me gambling is a form of entertainment and I love the product innovation that makes it so much better. My favorite site is Betsafe; it’s edgy branding and looks got me hooked.

Q5) What are the 5 habits of success according to you?

A5) Wake up at 5am, work out, pray everyday, learn everyday and go to sleep early.

Q6) What were the biggest challenges you experienced during 2020 and how do you look upon those challenges now?

A6) Speed is one of the biggest challenges we have. We have to be fast and we are doing a great job at it. We are both expanding into markets and investing in our core markets. This speed also promotes us to think outside of the box and gives us the opportunity to look at growth issues through many lenses. I look at this challenge now in the same as before; i.e. people, processes and tech for the win.

Q7) Where do you want to see Betsson in the next 5 years?

A7) I would like to see us at the top operator in Gaming, leading the path of on gaming innovation
and surprising our customers.

Q8) If you and I were meeting 3 years from now and were looking back at today, what would it take from you and Betsson to feel happy about the progress that has been made?

A8) In 3 years I’d love to be able to look back at us having launched new products and product/brand experiences that were to be copied by other companies. I also would love to see that we have become a brand that is further known for extreme attention to details and gaming experience.

Betsson Group

Q9) What’s the best career advice you’ve ever got?

A9) Understand where you can drive value the most and go all in on that. Don’t chase respect and glory, they will run away from you.

Q10) If you could time travel back to day one of your first ever job and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired, with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and time waste, what would you tell yourself?

A10) Be fearless and trust your gut. There is only person like yourself in the history of the world and there will only be one like you. Go all in on you!

Q11) Our final question: among the people you know, who’s interview would you want to read next and why?
A11) I would like to read an interview with Oscar Karlstan, the COO of Raketech and good friend of mine.
Oscar has a mind driven by culture and innovation and has wisdom to share.
Thank you Eitan for sharing you story and advise to ourselves and our readers. We are looking forward to continue following your success!
Betsson Group keeps setting the bar for development and customer service in the betting industry and has in 2021 already won 4 awards. They won 2021 Operator of the Year, 2021 Customer Services Operator of the Year and 2021 Mobile Operator of the Year during the EGR Nordics Awards 2021. They also won the Casinomeister Awards in February this year for being the “Best Casino Group of 2020”. 


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