3 Metrics For Creating An Online Businesses Portfolio

3 Metrics For Creating An Online Businesses Portfolio

Many investors are interested in the process of creating a portfolio of web properties. While creating your web portfolio, there are three basics to that you should always consider.

1. Time Investment

Time is something that you cannot buy more of, which makes it very valuable for you. Therefore, when entrepreneurs looks for business ventures, they should look at time investment before net-profit, gross revenue or traffic. You should acknowledge the time required for it to operate. Of course, well-informed investors would instantly state that net-profit allows you to hire people and save your time.

2. Traffic Sources

After understanding the time it will require you to manage each asset with your general portfolio’s cash flow, you will require concentrating on traffic sources.

Several businesses today can be affected by the changes to companies, like, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, or Apple. High exposure of the companies to Facebook ads means that when the cost for ads change there are chances that the whole bottom line will shift. However, having 5-7 secure and consistently distributed traffic sources for an e-commerce business can be of an advantage. The best way to get organic traffic is through search engines like Google and Bing. You can hire a SEO agency, which can increase the traffic.

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3. Customer Service  

It is important to make sure that the users who are paying for your product/service are happy with what they receive. You can take a feedback from these users by contacting them through email when you attain an established business. This will help you understand what the users like or dislike about your product/service.

You can use Google Forms to ask their opinions on the general questions. It is significant to setup an enticement to fill the form. You can offer a discount on the product/service to make sure the users provide an honest feedback.

You can build referral program and ask users if they would refer a friend to the product/service. This way, you will give list of power users who want to get customers involved.


You should always look at time, traffic, and customer service, before thinking about the net-profit and loss.

Stay focused on these fundamentals and they will help you to grow easily and make profit.

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