Building An Income Using Social Media: YouTube

Building An Income Using Social Media: YouTube

Would you like to build an income using social media? There are plenty of opportunities to build an income straight from your social media accounts, one of the options being via having a YouTube channel. So how does it really work? How many subscribers do you need in order to apply for YouTube’s Partner program and what does successful Youtubers actually earn? Let’s go over what you need to build income opportunities through YouTube.


YouTube, having 2.3 billion users worldwide, is the second-most popular social network after Facebook.  It’s also the second-most popular search engine after Google.

But how does people like you and me build a income through the very popular platform? First thing you need to do is to create an account and find a niche you would like to hang on to and build a following on. You can of course change niche later but we wouldn’t recommend it as you might loose engagement on your account, and your followers engagement will become your foundation to building an income. Therefor, make sure you choose a niche that you personally enjoy as you need to be fully dedicated and post new videos regularly.

Having decided what your niche will be, we recommend you have a good camera with video function, a phone and computer before starting. If you love technology you might also want to invest in a good microphone or headset, a ring light and a camera stand. For easier filming with good light and sound, those extra items can come in handy.

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With YouTubes amount of users, it comes as no surprise that many companies and brands like to advertise their products through YouTubers. They’ll get their products marketed and reviewed all at once -on video!

Youtuber camera

So, now that you’ve created an account, decided on you niche, made several videos, you’re getting followers and engagement, you can start thinking about what brands has the same target group as you do.

Brands and companies are interested in the engagement you get by your followers and who they are in terms of geographic, age etc. If your engaging followers are the same target group of people that companies want to reach out to, you are very likely to be able to negotiate a higher percentage of sales revenue in exchange to promote the products. “Promoting” in this case (on video)  could be for example trying out the products and showing the results -or the entire journey from A-Z. Speaking about the products are essential. There’s an underlying power in staying genuine and showing what the product you have in front of you is, how you use it, what features it has and what the results are. Those are key features when marketing a product online, how you decide to make the video however, should stay personal and individual.

YouTube Partner program

Once you’ve built your channel and gotten at least 1000 subscribers you can apply to the YouTube Partner program which has plenty of more opportunities for you to make money.

Some of the opportunities are –

Google AdSense

Being able to connect your Google AdSense account to your channel is a great perk offered with the YouTube Partner program. This way you can monetize your videos and start receiving revenue from google ads that will be displayed on your channel. How to get a Google AdSense account you discover here.

Youtube partner program

Selling merchandise

You will in the partner program have the opportunity to have a “merch shelf” where you can upload your own merch and your fans can buy it.

For more in-depth information about how to apply and set up your YouTube Partner program, click here.


YouTubers & streamers  around the world are already getting millions of views and earning enough from YouTube to go into early retirement.

To name a few big names and their astonishing YouTube revenue there is

  1. Ryan ToysReview, YouTube revenue: $22 million
  2. Jeffree Star, YouTube revenue: $18 million
  3. Logan Paul, YouTube revenue: $14.5 million
Sellfy calculator

When you are set up with your channel and want to discover how much revenue you could be making on your channel, there is a tool called the Sellfy calculator that could help you. By entering your monthly views and YouTube channel link, the Sellfy tool calculates your income potential.

Don’t forget that revenue earned from YouTube may need to be declared yearly in order to pay correct amount of tax. Tax rules are depending on country so best thing is to seek advise with your local council for more information.

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