Tips to sell through Facebook groups

Tips to sell through Facebook groups

Local Facebook selling groups have become quite popular for selling items to buyers. The best advantage of these groups is that they are free of cost and the social media site is extremely easy to use. Below tips will help you sell better through Facebook selling groups and make more money.

1. Facebook for maximum gains

People can use local Facebook groups to sell second-hand goods to the local community. The process is extremely simple – sellers put ads for the goods that they no more need, and buyers buy these goods in exchange for money. The biggest advantage of Facebook is that there are no fees involved, whereas, on the other hand, eBay takes 10% of the total transaction cost.

It might seem like goods sell faster on eBay, because it is a commonly used website for posting ads, however, somehow it is established that many things remain unsold on eBay.

2. What to sell on Facebook

You can sell whatever you want on Facebook. However, it is suggested that you use Facebook to sell popular goods, which are in huge demand, like, used TV, washing machine, AC, etc. Also, there is a huge market for kid’s goods, like – kids clothes, toys, etc. It is not a good idea to use Facebook to sell expensive items or items.

3. Facebook is easy and convenient

These days almost everybody has their accounts on Facebook, which means there is a huge potential to reach the maximum buyers. Moreover, it is extremely easy and free to make an account on Facebook, which makes the platform much more accessible. Besides, as there are no fees for selling on Facebook, it is very low-risk.

4. Posting on Facebook is easy

Almost everybody knows how to upload pictures and videos on Facebook, posting items for sale on groups is also this easy. All you need to do is fill out the very simple ‘for sale’ form and post directly on your group’s page, with a pic.

5. Choose the right price

For your product to sell, you must price it right! You need to do thorough research before deciding the price of your item. Go on eBay and Facebook groups to find out what was the listed price of a similar item that you are planning to sell. You also need to check whether the item was sold at that price or not. This will help you get an idea about how you should price your item.

6. A good photo is extremely important

No buyer will buy an expensive without having a look at its picture. A good picture of the item can attract the buyer and make sure that the sale is finalised. Also, it will help to upload at least 2-3 photos of a particular item. You can take it from different angles so that the customer can have a better idea about the item.


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