Free Office Software

Free Office Software

Here, we will help you understand how Microsoft Office is free and for whom. Also, we have presented a list of some of the best free alternatives for Microsoft Office. 

How is Microsoft Office free?

There are two kinds of free software, which are promotional freebies, typically believed to help in commercial gain, and software, which is developed to assist individuals to fight against large software providers. These kinds of software have grown more popular as more people have shown interest in open source projects, where the building blocks are free to adapt and improve. Freeware are free of cost, although certain developers appeal for a donation if you like it. The difference is you cannot access the source code, therefore development is centralised in one location.

Free Microsoft Office for students and teachers

If you are a student or a teacher in an educational institute having an academic email address then there are chances that you can get some freebies from Microsoft. You would be free to download the entire Office software suite on up to five PCs or Macs. Therefore, all you have to do is enter your academic email address on the Office website. You will be required to log in via your educational institution’s online portal and if you are eligible, you will be sent to a page from where you can download the software.

Free alternatives for Microsoft Office 

If you were not able to get Microsoft’s Office suite for free, you can buy the package at a cost of £59.99/year, which is extremely costly for a single user.

Therefore, we have provided a list of free alternatives for Microsoft Office. Read on to know more.

1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open source word processor, which has six word-processing programs. It is compatible with several Microsoft documents, which make for a potent suite of programs. Thu programs present in this software are equivalent to Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and much more.

2. OxygenOffice

Oxygen Office comprises a huge number of photos, templates, and clip art. It has around 3,420 graphics, over 90 new fonts, and a more comprehensive help guide. Some people see these additional features as needless bloat, however, if you use them, they would be good for you.

3. iWork

iWork is a program, only for Mac computers and iOS devices. It comprises programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These programs can conveniently access files generated in Office programs, and you can save iWork files. Certain people like the appearance and feel of the iWork programs, particularly if they work across several Apple devices. New Mac, iPhone, or iPad have this program already installed. Nevertheless, if they are not pre-installed, you can download them for free from the App Store.

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