Tips to build a profitable website

Tips to build a profitable website

Before we get into the topic of web business we need to make sure you are aware that even the best looking website idea will not turn into a great performing website without very good hosting. Any website is impacted heavily by the performance of its hosting server. 

There is a proliferation of websites online touching almost 2 billion. Within the span of a little less than three decades, there are around 4.5 billion users, which is an incredible number. With steady growth in market demand and the varied tastes of consumers, an eclectic range of websites has begun to appear online. These cover almost everything including niche categories catering to the specific demands of consumers. Subject to the functionality of the website, every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages for both the consumers and the site owners. If you plan to launch a website but are clueless where to start, these are a few ideas that could be prospective income generators.

Here are a few websites that may prove to be profitable businesses to run in the long term:

Build an Online Store:

If you are someone that does not like the hassle of managing a brick and mortar store, an online store could be a great alternative. Not only will it prove to be much more cost-effective, but it also offers access to a much wider clientele no matter where you may be located. These are two benefits that brick and mortar stores cannot match. A per studies it is believed that by the end of 2020 more than 60% of those using the internet will turn to purchase online, which makes having an online business a winning proposition.

Another great alternative where you would not have the hassle of keeping goods and shipment is to consider the business of drop shipping. Not keen to create your own? You can also buy an existing blog to assist people with their drop shipping and still earn a great deal of money.  To purchase the blog, buy HERE.

With eCommerce here to stay and only grow more popular with time, drop shipping is bound to grow exponentially. Some business owners find the concept of managing an online store on their own quite challenging. In this case, using eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Big Commerce is a good idea. Along with the necessary support, they also offer access to a much wider audience while lowering market expenses.

Niche-based websites: 

Another growing trend among online businesses is to cater to the niche-based segment of the population for specific goods. With a growing increase in demand for niche products or services, there is ample potential for growth and profitability in this segment of marketing. One of the biggest advantages of having a niche online business is it creates a platform to have a strong and dedicated clientele. The clients that visit and shop at your site will get an idea of what to expect from shopping there and there bound to become return customers. Having the same customers return regularly to the business online will increase online credibility and the prospects of growing become much higher.  Some of the popular niche-based sites to explore include The and

Affiliate blogging:

Are you looking for quick profits from the time you set up your online business? If yes, then affiliate marketing or having an affiliate blog would do the job. In an affiliate blog services and products are promoted through the use of targeted content. Every time a visitor completes a specific action or makes a purchase the affiliate blog owner gets a commission from the product owner. The income and content of affiliate blogs is subject to the kind of affiliate business you sign up with.

Even though profit is the main motive do not let quality lag just because you want to earn a profit. When selecting an affiliate partner choose one that is in sync with your passion or corresponds to your blog niche. Through the creation of content that is meaningful, you will benefit by earning the trust of your market audience and also build credibility online, both of which are vital to the long-term sustainability of any business. Some of the top blogs to visit are ShoeMoney and Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Buy an existing website that is ALREADY making money

Nowadays the market for website and web properties in general such as apps, mobile websites, has its own trading volume thanks to marketplaces like FLIPPA. 
Flippa is a market place where not only you can buy an existing website or web property that is already monetized, but you can also resell or sell a site you have built or that you have managed to grow revenue and asset value of. Some popular online businesses for sale right now, is for example women’s fitness clothing, beauty and skin care sites or apps for learning new skills.

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