Life-changing benefits for all circumstances

Life-changing benefits for all circumstances

In these tough financial times, it is more important than ever that you are aware of what help is available to you. Whether you are in or out of work, you may be missing out on life-changing financial help that you and your family are entitled to.

This brief guide provides an overview of the different types of benefits you may be able to claim to help you and your family. Have a career and on a decent paid salary? Do not stop reading – some benefits are paid for families with incomes up to £73,000!

According to the Governments latest figures, up to seven-and-a-half million households are missing out on £16 billion pounds worth of benefits a year!

That is a shocking amount of money – so it’s worth sparing ten minutes of your time to see if you are eligible for financial support. Remember that benefits are not just available to the unemployed.

Let’s get started by simplifying the list of benefits…

As you are probably aware, benefits come in all kinds of categories, so to help you find out what you may be entitled to, we are going to split them into four sections:

    • Families
    • Work
    • Low Income
    • Health/ Elderly

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the major means-tested working-age benefits were merged into Universal Credit.

If your circumstances have changed or you are making a new claim, you will probably have to apply for Universal Credit.

It sounds simple, right? But how do you work out if you are entitled to make a claim?

Just click here: and the online calculator will do all the hard work for you! The calculator will work out what you are entitled to in means-tested benefits and it will flag up some other benefits that you may be able to claim.

What you are entitled to depends on your individual circumstances, so it is important that you enter the correct information. To ensure you get the most accurate results, be sure to grab as much information you can before you start. This includes details on income, savings, pensions and any existing benefits for you and your partner. All details you provide will be kept anonymous, so the more info you can give, the more accurate the result you will receive.

It is a common misconception that benefits are only for those who are unemployed or on low incomes. Whether you are working or not, or affected by the Coronavirus or not, you could be missing out on important financial help that could make a big difference to yours and your family’s life. We don’t know about you, but we certainly think it is worth ten minutes to find out.

For more information on anything financial, keep visiting our site for the latest updates. We are busy working behind the scenes gathering the newest information on everything money-related, so you do not have to.

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