Building An Income Using Social Media: Instagram

Building An Income Using Social Media: Instagram

Would you like to know how to build an income using social media? In our recent articles we’ve presented plenty of guides for how to make money from your computer. From buying and optimizing apps, having an eCommerce and even how to start trading.  However, we have not yet touch based on the opportunities there are making money straight from your social media. If this is your dream, there are plenty of options for you to make it come true. So how does it really work? We will today dig into the basics on ways you can earn money from your social media account on Instagram.


There are lots of earning potential that comes with owning an Instagram account. What you need in order to start is a phone with/and a  good camera and of course the Instagram app. Once you have built an account with high quality pictures and gained at least 1000 followers you can make money on it through –

Instagram marketing

Sponsored posts

Companies and brands are willing to pay you for product placement in your pictures. Some companies wants you to simply make a review of the product in your post whilst wearing/using the product, whilst for other companies it’s more usual that they also provide you with certain hashtags that needs to be present in the post.

Becoming a brand ambassador

Now you might think, what’s the difference between getting paid for posting sponsored posts, being a brand ambassador and being an affiliate marketer? If you are becoming a brand ambassador you can often get the products the brand wants you to promote for free and several discounts to use yourself and for your followers. You need to then frequently promote the brands products on your account and there is often a % commission involved and sometimes sales targets that can earn you an invite to the brands “traveling weeks” and company events.

Affiliate marketing

Being an affiliate marketer is also a form of partnership very similar to being an brand ambassador. You will in most cases need to buy the products yourself then you will receive a special code from the company/brand. The code gets used by your followers whilst they are making their purchase on the brands online site. You will from this code earn a percentage that you can claim (most commonly) monthly. This way, the more quality you put into your posts/marketing of the products, the more chances are there for you to earn a great size amount of money.

P.S! Don’t forget that if you already are, for example, an affiliate marketer having your own Amazon Affiliate store, you can create a wide range of shopping lists with products yourself to then promote on your Instagram and earn revenue from Amazon on the sales made on your store. All this without using any code, you only need to keep your Amazon Affiliate store link in your bio then spend your time instead on promoting the products on your Amazon page…

Instagram marketing

Selling your photos

If your content is of high quality you can sell your Instagram photos to buyers willing to pay for them on platforms such as Mobile Prints, Snapwire or Twenty20. Most important thing to remember if planning to sell your photos and use Instagram as a portfolio, is to watermark all the photos you post on Instagram. This way your posts cannot be copied for free.

How much should you charge per post as a micro influencer?

Finally, let’s take a quick look at what the average micro influencer charges per Instagram post. According to a report made by,  the most popular answer for influencers with less than 2000 followers is $50 per post. The least common answer was $1000 per post – that still 49 people out of the participating 5,250 are charging. This does prove that you can make a great deal of money even when having 1000-2000 followers. The quality of your Instagram posts and the engagement rate of your followers will be the most important factor in the end regarding how much you can charge.

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