Trading CFDs during Covid-19 crisis and making a profit

Trading CFDs during Covid-19 crisis and making a profit

As a lot of you we are mostly in lockdown and in these times of uncertainty most of us are afraid of what’s gonna be of a variety of businesses in the coming months.

However, in times of troubles there are always new opportunities coming up, so we shall remain positive and in be smart to find out where the opportunities arise.

None of us indeed had ever witnessed such a catastrophic drop in Oil prices, but what goes down that badly in the comodity world usually goes back up at a certain point especially if it is something the world is still incredibly reliant upon. Oil, Airlines, Banks and a lot of quite solid things to invest are not seeing what seems to be the drop of the century. It surely is very risky to invest in this period but it can also be very remunerative.

Take a look below:

In our view the only way to reduce the risk of trading in these turbulent times is by taking very little profit for every trade and making good use of the only thing we have in abundance these days TIME.

Most capable people indeed don’t trade CFDs because they say the don’t have time to follow them during the day, however, in a stay-at-home and save the world scenario we surely have the time we generally don’t have.

On this note as we have been trading ourselves I would like to share with you our trades most recent trades:

We have been specifically trading within a very tight spectrum of oscillations of the graphs by setting automatic buying orders and automatic profit calls (as you can see from the image below).

Trading CFDs during Covid-19 crisis and making a profit
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