Top 5 startup businesses for covid-19 times

Top 5 startup businesses for covid-19 times

The present times of COVID-19 pandemic have put millions of workers all over the UK out of their job. While the whole situation has left several people unemployed, it has also given many people time to stop and think about what they want in their career. In this article we will discuss about some startup businesses for covid times.

People all over the UK are using the time on their hands to do something creative and find out where their interest lies. According to law firms, there has been an increase in the number of patent applications not only in the UK but all over the world. There has not only been a surge in people opting for businesses in the field of new technologies and healthcare, but there has also been a surge in people showing interest in traditional businesses. Below are five business ideas, which you can venture into the UK to make sizeable profits.

Become a funeral director

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many deaths around us, which has affected all of us. There has been depressing news about the deaths all over the TV, radio, and internet, where, in many cases, due to the lockdown people are not even able to attend the funeral of close family members. Therefore, in these times, it is a noble cause to become a funeral director and make sure that the departed get the respect that they deserve.

Open a bridal shop

The year 2020 has seen many weddings postponing or cancelling due to the government ban on the gatherings of people. This means if things get under control in 2021, (which most probably they will) there will be a lot of weddings and thus a huge opportunity for the bridal shops to make good profits.

Start delivering essential services

At the beginning of the lockdown, there was suddenly a run for some basic items, like milk, flour, eggs, etc., which resulted in many people hoarding these items in their homes. However, some people could not get hold of these items on time, and soon they got out of stock. There is still a huge section of the population in the UK who wants to get these items delivered to their homes, as they do not want to risk their lives by going out in the crowded superstores.

Open a plant nursery

If gardening is something that you enjoyed doing in the lockdown, then maybe it is time to make this hobby of yours a profession and open a plant nursery. The UK has a thing for plants, gardens, and parks; therefore, you are sure to get many customers in your nursery.


Start a skip-hire business 

With the lockdown and people spending more and more of their time at home, there has been a lot of cleaning and sorting, something that people earlier had not much time to do. All this cleaning has resulted in a lot of waste being collected and where is all this rubbish going? Yes, you are right, in the skip hire. With all this, starting a skip hire business is the best way to start.

If you are wanting to start their own small business for a long time, then now is the best time. With all the time in your hands and the new opportunities present in the market, you are sure to make it big. To be successful all you need to do is follow the right process. The above list will help you to choose the right business option for yourself and will give you an idea about startup businesses for covid times.

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