The COVID 19 Emergency fund

The COVID 19 Emergency fund

This fund is created to help and support young individuals in the age groups of 16 -28 that are identified as vulnerable. Those assessed for immediate help due to financial hardships and social isolation that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. They must either have refugee status or are looking for asylum in the UK.

Since the funds are very limited, there is a priority for young individuals that are getting mentoring from Hope for the Young and fulfil the pre-existing criteria of the emergency Relief Fund.

The maximum amount of money allotted is £250 and the payments are given on a case by case basis to cater to the essential needs of the young.

A list of things that an individual could apply for include:
  • Important travel including for appointments or support
  • Monthly or weekly expenses for essentials and food
  • Purchase of mobile data to remain in touch with family, mentors, counsellors, advocates or friends.
  • To purchase a basic model of a smartphone of up to £9 for a young individual to remain in touch with any support group.
The following are ineligible to apply for the fund:
  • EU/UK citizens
  • Applicants from outside the UK
  • Young individuals in the country on a student visa
  • A young person applying for their family
  • Any family that applies for their kids under 16
  • Applying for a group of young individuals
  • Applying based on an organisation or community project
  • Those that have applied previously are not taken into consideration unless of any special case

The Emergency Relief Fund does not provide for:

  • Any payments to be made for subscription services or bills
  • Repayment of creditors or having borrowed from family or friends
  • Refurbishment of homes with household items like refrigerators, air conditioning units, kitchenware etc.
  • Paying rent
  • Purchasing computers or laptops
  • Sportswear or equipment
  • Baby clothing items or essentials
  • Those interested in applying for the relief fund can download the application from the website. After downloading the form save it on the system and fill in the details. The form can either be emailed or sent via regular mail.

Every applicant’s form must have the contact links of those that are supporting like an advocate, welfare organisation, counsellor or support worker etc. Only in very rare circumstances will any application be entertained without the support contact information.

It could take up to 14 business days to review the application and send a response.

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