How to buy euros

How to buy euros


Euros is a currency, which is merely a couple of decades old. Still, it is one of the world’s most prevalent currencies, with a lot of it in circulation.

The below article will help you understand the best way to get your euros if you are heading to Europe on holiday.

Which nations accept the euro?

The euro is the certified currency of Germany, Austria, Estonia, Andorra, Kosovo, Finland, Malta, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Montenegro, Monaco, Greece, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Latvia, Vatican City, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain. The currency is also accepted in some parts of Zimbabwe, Cuba, and North Korea, although it is not the official currency in these countries.

How has the euro exchange rate changed with time?

Like in the case of any other currency, with time, the pound also gets stronger and weaker against the euro. The exchange changes based on a huge number of political and economic aspects.

Is it feasible to buy euros prior to I go on holiday?

This is your call and is affected by your nature to spend the money. Several individuals do not get currency in advance and use a card at an ATM to get the local currency in their holiday destination. If you have the best overseas credit or debit card, this can often get you the best exchange rate.

Nevertheless, if you hold the idea of getting the currency until you are abroad, you get the exchange rate when you spend. However, if you get cash prior to leaving, you might be able to get good exchange rates if the pound is strong in the time before your trip.

From where should I buy euros?

Several currency sellers offer the best exchange rates on euros. 

TravelMoneyMax is one such seller, which can get the currency delivered to you at your desired place. You can even pick the currency from a local bureau and enjoy the best rates.

It is never a good idea to buy the currency from the airport! It is because at the airport, the rates are shocking, most probably because they know that they are your only option left. If you are late and don’t have another option left than to get the currency from the airport then you should at least order ahead for pickup. This way you get better rates when compared to simply walk up to the airport exchange counter.

 What to do with the leftover currency? 

If you have come back from holidays and were not able to spend all your currency, then you have two options. You can either keep the currency to use it for your next trip or cash it in to and get pounds in return.

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