EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Septhon, International Personal Mentor To Entrepreneurs

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mark Septhon, International Personal Mentor To Entrepreneurs

We are pleased to present this week Mr. Mark Septhon, International personal mentor to entrepreneurs, TV host, author and motivational speaker.

Mark started his own coaching company in Warwickshire, UK nearly 10 years ago and is today an internationally known coach to entrepreneurs around the world. Marks tactics of his having his clients follow his program based upon his ten key fundamentals to reveal blind spots, efficiencies and deficiencies has been loved and valued by top business people and millionaire entrepreneurs. Since releasing his first book Inside Job in 2014, it has currently sold in 15 countries and his second book Plot Twist is being read by thousands as we speak. You can watch Mark hosting his TV show One More Round or hear him discuss entrepreneurship as he is hosting rooms for all to listen on  Clubhouse app.

We contacted Mark today to speak about his journey, his success habits, the most common questions he gets and what his dream is with his business.

Q1) Why did you start your business?

A1) I started my business for a number of reasons. I have never enjoyed being told what to do, I like to be the captain of my ship and I love solving problems, they say entrepreneurs often had a problematic childhood and I was no exception but the beauty in the challenge is it gave me a great ability to solve problems and stand on my own two feet. I always wanted to create something bigger than myself and I love having an impact on those around me, the essence of having my own business played to my strengths and my hunger to set the tone of my day rather than hand it over to someone else and me be at the mercy of their needs and wants.

Q2) What did the first few weeks look like, day to day for you?

A2) The first 2 weeks were exciting, lots of content creation, lots of high energy as I began to take ownership and express myself through my skill set, I enjoyed the freedom to plan my days, attend networking events and start talking to people. The pride in forming my own business was like being a dad for the first time. I focus a lot on my niche market, who they were, what they looked like, where they would be hanging out, a good mix of social media, research and getting my first client.

Q3) What are your success habits today?

A3) Oh what a loaded question. Wow I think the whole article could be on this answer. I think how I manage my energy and responsibilities is very key to my success habits. I define Success has being at peace with myself and that comes from me managing my energy which leads to my success, a nice round circle of intention and execution. My 3 filters which I use to create high energy and give me peace are…. I only say yes to opportunities which say yes to these 3 filters which I am going to mention, I always ask myself “ Am I good at this “ I then ask myself the next question “ does this excite me “ and then finally I ask the third and most important question of all “ Will this opportunity take me to where I want to go “ If the answer is yes to all 3 questions then I go all in.

Q4) What five people would you like to meet (living or dead) and why?

A4) Oh I asked this question on my radio show many years ago, though I asked people to name 3.
Was really interesting to hear peoples responses and some famous people even answered the tweets that I had been putting out when they were one of the three, was so funny and cool.

I think the first person I wish to share is my late Grandfather Betrum Ernest Sephton. He was a serial entrepreneur, well respected and a wonderful happy joyous businessman. The reason why I would love to meet him again is not just because he was take from me when I was 18 and he was my grandfather, I also would have loved to have had some more meaningful conversations around business, I learned a lot from him in terms of me watching him in his craft and how he built up his businesses but at 18 I didn’t know that at 28 I would start my own business, he would have helped me in so many ways. So I would love to honour him and myself by having him mentor me more closely if it was possible.

Steve Irwin would have to be my next pick Aka The Crocodile Hunter, always loved his energy, I loved the way he loved animals and his family, I don’t get moved often when a celebrity dies, I tend to weep for those that I personally know even though its always sad when a celebrity dies but Steve Irwin was different.

David Attenborough I would love the honour to meet, his dedication to conservation and the fact that he’s still working in his 90’s is insane, I also really love his voice, its always so familiar and you can’t help but love his work.

Freddy Mercury would be next, he is one of the most talented singing voices I have ever heard, he created a legacy, something that out lives him, his music is life giving, I like the fact that despite his personal critics he produced some of the best songs in the world, I would just have him sing to me.

I have realized that my first four picks are men, that surprises me a little so I think its only right to save the best to last and call out a woman that I massively respect is Michelle Obama, the space she creates for women and the way her energy leads her is inspiring. The word inspire means “ To breathe upon “ All five of these have breathed life into me in one way or another.

Mark Septhon
Mr. Mark Septhon, International personal mentor to entrepreneurs
Q5) Tell us about your books Inside Job; You are only as good as the thoughts you think and Plot Twist, do they correlate to each other? Would you personally recommend reading them in a certain order?

A5) Inside Job is really based on if you want to change your outward appearance you have to change your inward dialogue, the way you think and frame things is so important, everything we have started with a thought. Inside Job is all about turning thoughts into living and breathing expressions. Plot Twist is very poignant right now, the last 18 months during a global pandemic has been hugely challenging and you bet its been a huge plot twist. Plot Twist is really about speaking to those whom had a clear path to what they were going to do and then something comes from left field and takes them in a different direction, the essence of Plot twist is to help people pivot, evolve and reinvent themselves through the curve balls life throws at them. The 2 books I have written can be stand alone and you don’t need to read one without the other but they do fit nicely into each other too. With the state we are all in, I would suggest reading Plot twist first because its so timely. I am excited to say I am on the cusp of editing my third book and this one is going to be for men, the core of my third book is to help men be better men and really talk about the responsibilities and challenges of being a man.

Q6) What kinds of clients do you love working with the most?

A6) I love working with a client who’s hungry to expand, they are already achieving greatness but want to add to their level of execution, Clarity and consciousness, they want to make a mark on their own life and those around them. I love helping people understand their potential and purpose and create a framework through my GPS system which reveals blind spots, efficiencies and deficiencies. I love high energy clients who really want to make a difference in their world and those around them.

Q7) How do you personally define business success?
Is it money? Freedom? Influence? Creative expression and innovation? Something else?

A7) Business success for me is always defined by something internal and not external, its really a journey for me and not a destination, We have to evolve with the times and most importantly the needs of our customers, business success looks like your ability to stay relevant to your customer, to keep evolving and keep solving problem after problem. It’s a process for sure.

Q8) What’s your most common question you get as a mentor, and why do you think that is?

A8) The most common question I am asked and probably the right question to ask is along the lines of “ Mark what’s the greatest thing you can teach me “ My response is “ I can help you better understand what you were put on earth to do and how to find the right platform and environment that brings the vibe of what you do and make a huge impact on your bottom line and most importantly on this world.

Q9) Tell us about your dream with your business? What do you see as the end game?

A9) I believe I have set down the corner stones of what I want to do for the rest of my life right up until my final breath. My mentoring, media hosting through radio and TV, writing for entrepreneur and Brainz magazine, emceeing or being a key note speaker at summits or events really is my Jam. My dream within my business and the growth of my business is really found in the ability to work with more influential clients, bigger and better stages, touching more lives through my message and wisdom. My end game is that I don’t have an end game, I am determined to create as many things as I can that will out live me, I always say “ it’s not what I leave behind for my children which will benefit them most, it’s not the houses or the cars, it’s what I leave in them. What we leave in mankind is what will make the biggest difference in the lives of those around us.

Q10) Our final question: among the people you know, who’s interview would you want to read next and why?

A10) I have to say my dear friend and esteemed business associate Mark Wright. He won the BBC Apprentice in 2014 he is a beautiful human being, a great mind and someone whom I have always enjoyed sharing a conversation, a meal or a podcast with.

Thank you Mark for letting us in to your world for a minute! I have no doubt your success story only will keep on flourishing. It is getting more and more common for business and entrepreneurs to have a personal mentor or coach to help with focus, tactics, advise and mindset. A few celebrities known to have had a mentor is for example, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah and Richard Branson. We are looking forward to following Mark’s career to see where it will lead him next.


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