Excel for Investment Banking, Sales, Trading and Treasury

Excel for Investment Banking, Sales, Trading and Treasury

Why you should consider an Excel Course for Investment Banking, Sales, Trading and Treasury?
In the past, if you wanted to acquire a reputable business education, you either learned on your own or blocked out time and forked out money on a costly MBA. Well, that is no longer the case. In fact, a number of the notable business courses are online and very affordable. This means that you not only acquire a world-class business education, but you also acquire it from the comfort of your home and any time you choose.

However, you’ll be left with the task of identifying the most suited course for you as there are quite a few of them out there. Well, in this article, we take a look at the Excel VBA for Finance Course and show you how you stand to benefit from it. You get 10 percent off on the Certification with the coupon CFIPARTNER10.

Course Overview

The Excel VBA for Finance Course will start you off on the fundamentals of Excel VBA. It is best-suited for finance professionals who know their way around Excel and are keen on expanding their knowledge.

The course kicks off by showing you how you set up the VBA environment. It then dives into why and when to use VBA, and how you can come up with custom formulas.

This information sets the foundation for many advanced topics like how to handle exceptions and errors, how you can publish your functions as well as share them with others, work with arrays, and how to set up automation and events.

Excel Course Program

Learning Objectives

VBA is an awesome tool when it comes to automating repetitive tasks on Excel. It has the ability to streamline long and complex calculations. This course incorporates a case study of a multinational company. It then shows you how to come up with custom functions, and goes through many useful topics and concepts.

Some of the learning objectives include:
  • Establish why and when to use VBA
  • Come up with custom formulas in VBA that can be used in Excel
  • Spot coding errors, and handle errors in your data
  • Publish your custom functions and introduce them to your colleagues
  • Create events and automate tasks
  • Source large datasets

Who Should Take This Course and Why

The Excel VBA for Finance course is ideal for professionals who already have a good understanding of Excel and would want to increase its usability.

This course’s purpose is to arm anyone planning to start a career in fields of finance that require a good grasp of Excel. They include;

  • Sales.
  • Investment banking,
  • Treasury.
  • Trading.

This course is also ideal for aspiring Business Analysts. Here’s why these professionals need to get a grasp of Excel VBA:

[1] Excel automation of tasks

The most obvious perk with using VBA is that you learn how to automate Excel processes and tasks. This helps get rid of repetitive processes and instead, swap them with macros and visual controls. By getting skills in VBA, you learn how to leverage Excel so that it reaps benefits for you and your organization. Additionally, automating tasks that concern other workers in the office means you make their work-life easier.


[2] Eliminations of errors

VBA macros can be leveraged to perform similar tasks with 100 percent accuracy. Examples of these tasks include generating emails with Excel data, manipulating data, and creating summaries of data in a spreadsheet. Each of these tasks is carried out, in the same manner, depending on the code that was written. Skills in Excel VBA enable you to come up with procedures that make Excel execute these tasks automatically having no errors.

[3] Saves time

A career in finance calls for the promptness to act on ready information in a bid to achieve a competitive edge. Excel automation helps save time as it cuts on tasks that are manually completed. When you learn to automate Excel tasks, you do not only get rid of mistakes, but you also save time through these procedures.

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analyst (BIDA)™
  • The Excel VBA for Finance course is part of CFI’s soon-to-be-launched Business Intelligence and Data
  • Analyst (BIDA)™ Program. The program covers the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level topics about;
    -Data science.
    -Data analysis.
    -Business intelligence.
    -Data visualization.
    -Exploratory data analysis.

Another great course by CFI is the Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA)® Certification Program. This course teaches the most critical skills and knowledge needed to become a top capital markets analyst.


Excel is here to stay and shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses will continue to leverage Excel as the primary tool for various functions and applications.

As such, working knowledge of Excel is not only important for pretty much every office-based professional, but stronger Excel skills could open doors to newer opportunities. Excel VBA has the ability to open doors to promotions and leadership opportunities. It can also lead to newer careers in finance.

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