ECOM Businesses On Auction Under $500

ECOM Businesses On Auction Under $500

Did you know there are ECOM businesses on auction that you could bid for under $500?

Since the past few years, the number of people worldwide that are looking for either remote job opportunities, or to start their own business, has increased. The fact that there has been a mind-blowing growth of eCommerce businesses doesn’t therefor come as a big surprise. Looking at statistics over the past year, there were 900 million more digital buyers entering 2021 than there was entering 2020. That’s a 4.4% increase over only one year!
And even as we are starting to see light in the end of the tunnel regarding the pandemic,  Oberlo estimates there will be 2.14 billion people making online purchases this year.

Now, you don’t actually have to start your own eCommerce from scratch, there are plenty of ecommerce’s for sale that already have product, drop shipping and monetizing tools installed.

We present below a few alternatives that, right now, is on bid for less than $300.

1. Cover a book ecommerce

Award winning book cover design agency “Cover a book” is an eCommerce taking in bids on the market right now. Cover a book provides an affordable service for authors to  have their book covers designed by some of the world’s best artists.​ The 2 year old business site has a net profit of $225 per month and entrance bid to buy it is $65 USD.

2. Smart Brainy Homes  

Ecommerce targeting smart thermostats, air purifiers and cooking products, all connected to the Amazon affiliate program. The site reviews, compares and rates the home products whilst giving customers in-depth information about the products. The 1 year old site has a net profit of $102 per month and entrance bid is $195 USD.

cooking appliances


LAPLACE is an eCommerce selling techwear and streetwear inspired by the Asian tech culture.
The website works as an online fashion store with a Shopify-base.
The 1 month old site has already had a net profit of $517 and entrance bid is $105 USD.

4. Fitnesscare.Club is an eCommerce selling home-gym products, resistance bands and gym wear.
The online store has built in drop-shipping and tracking system already up and running.
The 4 months old site has a net profit of $258 per month and entrance bid is $299.

Workout products

5. Galaxy Miners

Galaxy Miners is a crypto store that is currently the leading company in mining business.
The website works as an online store with a Shopify-base.
The 2 year old site has a net profit of $3,200 per month and entrance bid is $180.

6. Techzeilla

Techzeilla is an online store selling laptop, gaming and tech products.
The online store is set up as an amazon affiliate website which also earns revenue via AdSense.
The 1 year old site has a net profit of $400 per month and entrance bid is $125.

Post purchase advice

Once you are in ownership of your new eCommerce there are some things you might want to look into when optimizing the website for added value and revenue.
For example if the site doesn’t already have an affiliate system, is that of interest?
Rakuten’s commissioned report on affiliate marketing, made by Forrester Consulting, proved that 81% of advertisers use affiliate marketing.

Another important note is the shipping time and cost. According to global world index, the number one reason people were buying products online in 2020 was because of “free shipping”. On 4th place was “easy returns”  and “next-day delivery” takes 6th place.

In conclusion, there are lots of marketing tricks out there to read up on and an important thing to remember is that an online business is still dependable on other companies, such as shipping companies. If you master to not only have a professional looking and well-working eCommerce, but also create good relationships with the companies around you, it will all show when offering your future customers a great customer experience purchasing with you.

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