How you can make good profit even by buying a low priced app

How you can make good profit even by buying a low priced app

If you are looking for apps to purchase and optimize then you should avoid purchasing a content based site if you have zero knowledge about Adsense or blog monetization. After you find the app that you like, you need to wait for the bid should ask questions. After this, try to negotiate the price, it can be your lucky day and you can get the transfer of the app.

A Few Changes to Instantly Raise Value

Few extremely simple changes can make your new app, website, or other digital asset more valuable in no time. Take over a business can be extremely challenging, however, the good thing is that there are numerous ideas, which can help you with the optimizations. Sometimes even the basic ideas work the best. Some of these very basic ideas are –

Update the logo

Sometimes, the original logo can simply look cheap and might not just click. Here, you can make a change by devising something, which would bring extra trust in the brand for anyone browsing the app store.

These days, people don’t think twice before using Facebook advertising algorithms or complex SEO strategies to grow their businesses. And, there is nothing wrong in that, however, the truth is that a lot of profit can be earned even by using old school brand marketing techniques. It is not an issue if you are not a designer yourself, as you can easy get a logo designer who can create a logo according to your needs. A logo can update the appearance and feel of your business, which can in turn, quickly get in more conversions because of the trust.

Add A Premium Version

If your app is allowed only slight changes to the UI, and change on the backend functionality of the app is not allowed, it is best to build an upgraded version of the app. This updated version can have numerous extra features that you believe that your audience would enjoy. However, if you are not able to put it onto the app store owing to the various regulations, it is better to build a website and added the new, “premium” variation of the app in it. This can be for a price. Your current customers could be interested and you can get traffic on this website through this. For this, you can add a link to the new website within the original app.

Adjust The Pricing

Other than changing the menu layouts and button colors on your new upgrade website, it is also important that you adjust the pricing of your app on a weekly basis. After adjusting the price, you need to track sales and total revenue and find the best price.

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