EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mr. Alan Glanse, CEO of JuicyFields

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mr. Alan Glanse, CEO of JuicyFields

We are pleased to present this week Mr. Alan Glanse, CEO of JuicyFields.

You have heard about crowdfunding but have you heard about crowd-growing?
Cannabis entrepreneur Alan Glanse founded in 2019 his company JuicyFields , the now very popular crowd-growing platform allowing people to own plants and get profit from their legal cannabis plantations.

As more and more countries are legalizing use of cannabis and medical cannabis, the size of the market is growing fast. Grand View Research made a report in march month this year, estimating the legal cannabis market in 2021 to be valued at $33.1 billion -and in 2028 they expect it to reach $84.0 billion.

We contacted Mr. Glanse to hear all about his journey building JuicyFields, where he sees company growing and, of course, how fast you can earn profit owning crowd-growing plants.

Q1) Alan you are today a European leader of the Cannabis Crowd-growing movement, tell us the story how it all started!

A1) My journey began in America and Colombia, I saw the opportunities that cannabis was offering in both regions and wanted to bring this to Europe. I met my current partner and together we had a vision of the future of cannabis, and we created JuicyFields. It’s been years in the making and we are very proud to have got this far!

Q2) Say I would buy 4 plants from you today, how does it work? How quick could I expect a return?

A2) Right now we have four different plants (or clones as we call them) on the platform that we offer, they are planted twice per week with help of our partners around the world. The plants have different characteristics and you could receive profit from your first harvest as soon as after 108 days. We don’t need the growers participation for the whole process, you just sit back and watch the plant grow and bloom.

Q3) What were the biggest challenges you faced while building JuicyFields?

A3) We are already in a very complex and tabu industry, so there are many, but the main things would be that many farmers are very closed, and do not want to show their greenhouses to our growers, which affects our transparency with our growers, something we are working on daily to improve.

Q4) What has been your greatest success with JuicyFields so far?

A4) That we have earned support from government and authorized profiles, they believe in what we do and why we are doing it, this is a huge achievement especially within the cannabis industry. And also to not forget, all our e-growers that keep growing every single day, we are very thankful for them!

Q5) What’s the most common questions you get as an entrepreneur within the Cannabis industry? And how do you reply?

A5) We get many concerns about what would happen if we would stop being in business, which we understand is a common concern, people have their money in our platform. But all we can say is that we are working towards making JuicyFields the largest producer in the world, there are no plans to stop now, we just started.

Mr. Alan Glanse, CEO of cannabis crowd-growing company JuicyFields
Q6) Where do you see JuicyFields in 3 years?

A6) We are currently in the growth stage, and during this period of time we plan on already taking a leading position in the market, we have plans of building our own plantations in Africa, LATAM, Mexico and Europe, with a total area of 100,000 m2.

Q7) Who/what company would be your dream collaborator and why?

A7) We have many profiles in the industry that we plan on collaborating with, many that we look up to and have a substantial role in the industry. As far goes for our partners, we are working with the best there is.

Q8) Germany seems to be bringing home the price for buying in the largest amount of Cannabis plants, since their legislation 2017.
Another steady buyer on the market is Canada. Who are the top 2 companies (who is used for people, not legal entities) buying your plants?

A8) For now, we do sales via our partners, that are located in parts of Europe, Africa and LATAM, as soon as we conduct our own direct sales we will communicate the names of the buyers through our channels.

Q9) The topic of Cannabis used to be very secretive and unspoken about, do you feel that the topic has become more accepted to talk about today? And why do you think that is

A9) Yes, we are seeing a big change around the world, countries are becoming more liberal to the idea of legalizing cannabis which lights a spark amongst people to talk more about it. Today there is so much research being made on the effects of cannabis and its ability to fight various diseases. We will continue to support this kind of research in order to promote education about the subject. All this contributes to the adoption of cannabis and we are sure that there will come one day when we will see a legalization worldwide.

Q10) Our final question: among the people you know, who’s interview would you want to read next and why?

A10) Danny DeVito, he has long been supporting the legalization of cannabis and we are planning to invite him to a sit down with us and speak about future collaborations.

Thank you for your time Alan! We at FinancEvents will continue to follow how legal cannabis market further develops and the opportunities of business that continues to develop with it.

If you want to follow JuicyFields journey you can now find them on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

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