Stock Market Seminar – April 26th 2019 – The Expert’s Secrets

Stock Market Seminar – April 26th 2019 – The Expert’s Secrets

Date(s) - 26/04/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Elite Hotel Arcadia Stockholm


Learn The Expert’s Secrets To Master The Market and To Start Making Money Every Month!


This very special evening is all about you and showing you a new way for you to take control of your money and to show you how to make money work hard for you rather than you working hard for your money.

This opportunity also offers an open Q&A session with expert stock trader Owen O’Malley:

* Mentored by legends such as Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton and Tony Robbins.
* Taught the secrets of trading to thousands of people – on 5 continents!
* More than 20 years of experience in ALL markets.


Mr. O’Malley will show you the secret system used to create a money machine – it’s actually really simple.


“You will see how you can make money work for you – rather that you working hard for money.”


It is possible to consistently make 4% and more in any market and still manage the risk. On Friday, October 19th you will learn the secrets to making this work.


If you too want to develop a greater confidence and skillset to your financial life and create a money machine —> GRAB YOUR FREE TICKET NOW!!

Discover how to make money in any market by using tools and techniques that let you profit under any market conditions.

This expert trader will show you his powerful and incredibly time-efficient system that will enable you to create a substantial return on your investment. He will show you what companies to buy, when to buy them and how to generate a monthly income from those companies.


Bring your questions and he will answer in the Q&A session of the evening. You’ll also have the chance to meet and talk directly to other Stockholmers who have practiced these secrets and gotten fantastic results that has brought them closer to their goals, people who went from not knowing anything about trading to making 4% every month (at least!).


Note that this is only an introduction to the system and methodology. In order to teach and learn it, you’ll need several days (and then weeks and maybe months of applying it to fully master it), but Owen and his team are staying the whole weekend to teach other students and there might still be some available seats left! Contact us on or talk to us when we meet on Friday 26th April if you are interested.



You are welcome to invite your friends and family to grab a ticket. We believe that information like this is meant to be shared with the people we care about the most.


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