Smart Women & Smart Money

Smart Women & Smart Money

Date(s) - 03/03/2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Baka Gallery Cafe


The world is transforming as more women hold an increasing number of jobs and take greater control over family finances. 

  • Women have higher degrees than ever BUT only 18% of females demonstrated high financial literacy, compared to 29% of males.
  • More women are entering into male donated fields – mathematics, science & medicine
  • In 10 years from now (2028) – the average woman is expected to out-earn the average man



What about Women & Money ?

The more you learn, the more you can control. Let’s get organized!

Some topics of discussion:

  • The most common mistakes that are made in a financial portfolio & how to correct these mistakes.
  • Difference between RRSP & TFSA and which one is right for you!
  • Inflation in realistic terms.
  • Paying down Debt vs Investing.
  • Saving vs Investing – Investing is just as important.
  • Creating new sources of income from a hobby of yours to increase cash flow.
  • Always think long term.
  • The rise of household debt.
  • Women & Spending – my rule of thumb.
  • Risk & Unpredictable markets – be proactive rather tha reactive.

The point is – your money should be working for you, just as hard as you work for it. This is not about returns, but proper planning and an enhanced financial knowledge that makes you more confident and aware. All questions are welcome.

Come join us for coffee & deserts, and lets celebrate women’s success, learning and enhancing our financial knowledge that will ultimately determine the success of your financial goals and future. Knowledge is power.

All women are welcome who have the curiosity to learn. This applies to all – retired, recently retired, or working lady professionals.

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