Secrets of the Successful & Wealthy, Live Event Dublin

Date(s) - 06/03/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Dublin Chamber of Commerce


Is this event for you?

  1.  Do you desire to earn & keep more money?
  2.  Do you desire to reach your full potential?
  3.  Do you desire to fulfil your dreams, triumph over your limits, create the quality of life you desire and take the control back?

But you don’t know how to produce these results?

Maybe you want to boost your finances

Or to have more freedom

You know you could make your career or business explode but something is holding you back…

During this evening,  I will share with you proven strategies that will allow you to FINALLY get the results you deserve.

I’m not just talking about making more money, I’m talking about getting the life you deserve.

I’m talking about becoming happier, motivated & driven like you’ve rarely been, and able to follow through on all the ACTIONS that will create change in your life.

I’m running these events because I believe that we all have a potential far greater than what we imagine and there’s nothing more beautiful to me than to see someone fulfil their dreams!!

Why Should You Attend?

Today hundreds of people have transformed their lives

They are earning more money than they ever imagined

Others found their dream partners

Some have found the confidence and happiness they were seeking

For all of them, it all started with a live event and now is the time for you to do the same.

What you’ll learn:

  The strategies, tools and proven process the successful and wealthy use to accumulate wealth and multiply their income

The daily habits for success and wealth
The billionaires and millionaires world’s view and how you can apply it to your life.
Identify the internal conflict and end self sabotage
Re-connect with your Inner Power and breakthrough any barriers.

Who is Tom Papasian? 

Tom is a Researcher, Coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker.  

He helps people who are hungry for more to unleash the force inside to triumph over any limits and create an inspiring life.

“ I got rejected from all universities I applied at, and my prospect of success seemed extremely limited.

Plus my environment lead me to believe that nobody changes, that I just had to accept my fate, who I was.

And so for years I worked hard to try to become successful. I did 16 different jobs and none of them made me successful. Sure I earned money at times, but I spent way too much time making far too little and I always spent it much quicker than I made it. 

I was stuck in a rut, working harder than ever and I felt dead inside. I still wasn’t making enough money, I had no savings and I hated my job. I kept telling myself than it was a mean to an end, than this was “temporary”. 

And then the worst happened to me… I got fired.”

The Study of Performance and Personal Transformations

“ This is why I became obsessed with this simple question : How is it possible than 1% of the population earns half of the world’s wealth? 

This question lead me to study over 200+ books on various topics ranging from business, finance. psychology, biology, spirituality, neuroscience, sociology, philosophy…

 As well as studying the role models of this world : billionaires, investors, athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders etc

I spent thousands of hours and thousands of € in educating myself to produce the life I desired and knew I deserved.

I applied what I had modelled from the mentors I studied and my life started to transform.”

In the beginning, Tom only wanted to be able to afford his rent, he didn’t realise all the benefits that came from this transformation

Not only I figured out how to make and keep more money, I was able to take my career from being a doorman and feeling empty inside to starting and running my own business.

I couldn’t imagine that one day I’d be able to finish a marathon. 

Or even, that I’d be able to find the woman who completes me, who loves me unconditionally and who became my wife ! Plus she’s beautiful!

I earned more money that I could imagine in a few years and travelled the world to some of the most beautiful spots on earth!

By observing the changes in my life, I knew I had to commit to help as many people as possible to access these tools and strategies so that they could create an EXTRAORDINARY life, the life they deserve, the life that really inspires them.

That’s why, if you want to make 2019 your best year ever this workshop is for YOU!!

What to do next?

These workshops are always sold out.  Make sure that you save your seat while there are still a few available.

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