New geographies of money: Chinese finance in London

Date(s) - 27/03/2019
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

A48, Sir Clive Grainger Building


Hosted by the Nottingham branch of the Geographical Association

Presented by Professor Sarah Hall, School of Geography and Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, University of Nottingham

Global finance has a distinctive and important geography. Although money can flow easily around the world, it remains concentrated in a small number of cities, including London, called international financial centres. Understanding how and why such cities dominate global finance and the implications of this for globalisation more widely is an important area of research for geographers. In this lecture, Professor Hall will discuss the changing nature of London as one of the world’s leading international financial centres. She will reveal how London’s position at the heart of global finance relies upon a series of international networks of money, banks and individuals. She will then explore how these networks are changing as China seeks to become increasingly important in global finance. Finally, Professor Hall will explore the risks to London as an international financial centre in relation to Brexit. In so doing, the lecture will explore how geographers are needed to understand some of the most contemporary challenges and changes within contemporary processes of globalisation

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall is a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham. Her research focuses on the geographies of money and finance with a particular interest in London’s international financial district. She is the author of the book Global Finance and uses this research to contribute to specialist module on the Geographies of Money and Finance at the University.

Schools are encouraged to bring A Level geography students to this lecture and are invited to attend a pre-lecture session titled ‘Writing a personal statement’. This takes place at 4.30pm. You are required to register for the lecture using the link above (you can select multiple tickets) but will also need to register for this pre-lecture session (tickets are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis).

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