International Digital Summit & Expo D1

International Digital Summit & Expo D1

Date(s) - 25/04/2019 - 26/04/2019
8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA)


Digital Economy & Industry 4.0 

2 days of full immersion:


Advisory board

Investment board

  1. State sector and Smart-City
  2. IoT. Blockchain
  3. FinTech. InsurTech
  4. New business model
  5. Marketing. E-commerce

For whom?

  • beginners and professionals
  • startups, large and medium enterprises
  • investors
  • researchers and students
  • developers
  • every economic sector

What for?


To learn

What are Digital Technologies and why is it necessary to introduce them today?

What solutions are suitable for my company?
How much can I save and what extra income can I earn?
How to increase the efficiency and productivity of my company?
How much does it cost to introduce new tools?

To develop

Acquaintances, establishing of new business connections.
Creation of new business connections and agreements.
Expansion of your personal ecosystem and the one of your company.

To grow

The essence of the Digital Economy, Industry 4.0 and traditional sectors.
Owners, managers, directors, developers, investors, representatives of international trade organizations and governments.
And… to earn

1. State sector. Smart City


  • Public transport and IoT, blockchain
  • State services Digitalization. Blockchain. Identification, Real estate sector
  • Smart contracts
  • Security. Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart City
  • Digital services for citizens and tourists
  • GIS
  • Computer vision
  • Life quality and the Environment. Resources spending optimization, including electric energy, emission and city environment control.
  • Healthcare


2. IoT, Blockchain


  • Blockchain for production and commerce. Sectors: production, agriculture, automobile etc. Supply logistics. Quality transparency and tracking. Counter fraud measures
  • Blockchain based solution. Certification. Copyright. Smart contracts. Appendixes
  • Security. Identification
  • IoT, Blockchain and Transport
  • Energetic sector. Renewable sources of energy
  • Services sector. Touristic sector, hotels, restaurants
  • IoT in the agriculture, production and commercial companies. Closed digital systems: IoT-Blockchain- Business Analytics
  • Data: collection, processing, storage and security. Cloud cervices and Cloud calculations

3. FinTech. InsurTech


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for loan and insurance institutions
  • InsurTech. Blockchain, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics in the Insurance industry
  • Payments and financial services for physical and legal entities
  • Blockchain in the financial system
  • Enterprise Financial Management
  • Criptocoins. National and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Purposes, Legislation, Perspectives
  • Security. Machine Learning and blockchain. Identification. Counter fraud measures.
  • Customer orientation. Robo advisors and consultants, chat-bots, mobile applications. AI Solutions for attracting and retaining customers
  • Trading and Markets
  • Traditional bank digitalization. Digital Banks
  • Alternative sources of finance for companies and physical entities

4. New business model


  • CRM, ERM… digital platforms
  • AI and Machine Learning for Accounting and Legal departments of a company.
  • HR. New technologies that change approach and structure of work of the personnel. New requirements and opportunities
  • Personalization and Customer orientation. AI and Chat-bots
  • Company management and Decision making
  • Cloud services. Cognitive calculations
  • Marketplace and Ecosystems as a new form of competition.
  • New technologies for small and medium business

5. Marketing, E-commerce


  • Personalization
  • Virtual reality
  • Fintech for e-commerce (payments, loans, insurance, services to improve the quality of services and increase company’s income
  • Security. Counter fraud measures
  • Identification
  • Social and moral responsibility of the Digital Marketing

Investment Board

All about investment and financing in the mode of Investor & Company and Investor & Investor

What must a company know about financing?
  • Rules of investment market. Business angels, associations of Business angels, Venture funds, Accelerators.
  • What does the volume and conditions of financing depend on?
  • Main mistakes of the companies seeking for investment.
  • Where to seek for your investor? How to make the right choice?
  • Traditional financing (loan institutions, business angels, venture funds)
  • Alternative financing (crowdfunding, digital platforms)
  • State support tools as part of Economy Digitalization.
  • Recommendations for developing Startups and Companies.
Capital. Markets. Risks and Perspectives.
  • Development of local markets: West Europe, East Europe and Post-Soviet countries, Asia and China
  • Common traits and peculiarities
  • What makes different markets attractive. Difference in development and acceptance of technologies
  • Main risks. Peculiarities of companies and their development. Strategies for working with Companies
  • Difficulties for foreign capital
  • Next step in development of national digital services markets
  • Beginning investor. How to enter the Digital sector. Where, how and is it worth it?
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