Financial and Investment Education Workshop.

Financial and Investment Education Workshop.

Date(s) - 05/03/2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

WeWork Moorgate


“3 Profound Reasons Why You Should Attend This Event”


  1. If you’re someone who wants to meet and connect with positive, driven and ambitious people, and if you’re serious about personal development and becoming a better person… or want to learn how to become financially secure through Wealth Creation Education program.
  2. If you’re someone looking to work for yourself, leave a legacy behind, become a business owner or investor, travel the world, become a speaker or coach and help the everyday people to become a part of a wealth creation education opportunity.
  3. If you’re someone who wants to learn the secrets of creating investment portfolios, use financial theory in practice and get the opportunity to become a co-owner of new generation transport technology and discover your potential – then you definitely don’t want to miss this event.

This isn’t an event where you walk away with some information that doesn’t really help you to change for the better or have a positive and lasting impact in your life…

“This event can be life changing if you’re someone looking for an opportunity to help you create profound change in your life and live your dream life…”


Sky Way Invest Group is an educational platform that provides highly skilled and targeted training on a variety of areas, including personal finance, investment segments, money management e.g. capital and investment portfolio enlargement, online business and personal development.


While building the SkyWay Invest Group brand, we aim to create a unique combination of two groundbreaking projects to allow every person to learn how to invest, how to improve one’s level of income while at the same time using a high-speed, safe and ecologically friendly transport. We do this by combining the Academy of Private Investors with the SkyWay elevated string technology.


If you get involved, then in the very near future, you could potentially:


  • Be loan-free
  • Fire your boss and become a successful entreprenuer
  • Retire five years early at full pay
  • Be able to make a better life for your children and set them up for life
  • Can stay at home with your children and still get a full-time pay check
  • Get an extra paycheck so you don’t have to work so hard ever again


Then look no further! Come and attend our workshop!


(We look forward to welcoming you to the We Work lounge. When you arrive please sign in as a guest of Anete Martinsone or Alena Pepina from Sky Way Invest Group. You will be greeted by one of our staff members. Refreshments will be provided for the duration of the workshop.) – this one is only for the event in the office, also when we know the room where we will be holding the event, please add this to the description.


For any questions, please contact Anete: +44 7935 871 577 or Alena: +44 7802 353 239


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