Finance and Legal Basics

Date(s) - 16/04/2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

QUT Foundry


Finance and Legal Basics

•             Know your legal structure options and choose the best structure from the beginning

•             Negotiating equity splits between co-founders and vesting of founder shares

•             Get your finances right from the beginning

•             Avoid the pitfalls that most startup founders make

[EntreComp] 2.4 Financial and economic literacy

Develop financial and economic know how

  • Estimate the cost of turning an idea into a value- creating activity
  • Plan, put in place and evaluate financial decisions over time
  • Manage financing to make sure my value-creating activity can last over the long term

[EntreComp] 3.2 Planning and management

Prioritize, organise and follow-up

  • Set long-, medium- and short-term goals
  • Define priorities and action plans
  • Adapt to unforeseen changes
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