“Ethics Finance Instruments and Practices in the US” Forum

“Ethics Finance Instruments and Practices in the US” Forum

Date(s) - 23/05/2019
12:30 am - 6:00 pm

New York, Four Seasons Hotel 57 E 57th St, New York, Manhattan, NY 10022,


Gulf US Capital is organizing a spectacular event on Thursday, May 23, 2018, New York This is an “ Islamic Ethics Finance Instruments and Practices in US” Forum international meeting in the USA.

Global Islamic finance industry is projected to grow by 60% to $3.2 trillion in assets by 2020.The GCC (Gulf countries) is situated on the richest area of the world in terms of petrol and energy reserves and have 3  trillion dollars (owning 35% of total fund sources of the world) of fund source. The Gulf countries have been spending 1.8 trillion dollars of these funds for overseas investments.

10 million Muslim societies are living in all states of US. Muslims who live in the United States are active in many areas. Many joint projects with the USA business community are also included.

Muslim organizations demonstrate the diversity and dynamism of the USA -Muslim population commercial relationship and functions as a primary facilitator of the broad bilateral partnership.

Americans and other expat people living in the USA are interested in Islamıc Murabaha and Icara System for the Home-Commercial Mortgage, Auto-Franchising  Finance

Gulf-USA Capital is a leading Investing and  Financial Services Counseling company focusing primarily on dynamic, profitable, alternative finance and investments in the Gulf and the USA.

Since 2008 the group has provided mission is to develop joint projects and collaborations in economic and financial areas between US and Gulf countries investors, funds and entrepreneurs, local and private institutions and financiers to develop business.

The event aims to introduce financial and investor institution’s potentials and services, investor-project-financier cooperation meetings and Gulf-Islamic financial instruments Potential of working according to participation, sharing and ethical-Islamic criteria financial institutions and  Islamic Finance Market Estimate $3.4 Trillion by end of 2018. Finance assets represented 1% of the global financial market of $127 Trillion in assets.

Alternative-ethic-safe-profitable Islamic financial instruments is a centuries-old practice that is gaining recognition throughout the world and whose ethical nature is even drawing the interest of all investors.

Americans and other expat people, customers and investors have been trying to lead their assets to safe alternative financial instruments and investments.Islamic-ethic finance is a form of ethical financing, defined by the fair distribution of wealth, concern for the welfare of communities and economic stability.

You are cordially invited to the “Forum” to benefit from one of the most important financial instruments, that will energize your business and investments with 3 trillion dollar alternative Islamic-ethic financial instruments.

The forum will bring together issuers, borrowers, investors, and bankers in the US to discuss the developments of local and international capital markets. This forum aims to bring both audiences together to share ideas and insights, network with industry leaders, and develop key relationships.

By attending this forum, you will network with key decision makers from existing and potential clients. The forum will focus on the key issues around structuring, issuing, and investing in alternative financial instruments.

Your chambers, consulate, council, institutes can participate in this event, sponsorship, organize a meeting, presentation, B2B meet  and open stand with you to discuss possible opportunities and collaborate on financial and economic relations among with US and Gulf investors and politicians, government representatives

We encourage you to share the information on our event with your commonalty, members, and networks.  Registration will remain open over the coming days.


Banking & Finance, Investment Banks, Private Banks, Participation Banks, Chief financial officers, treasurers and finance directors, Institutional investors and fund managers, Project and real estate developers and sponsors, Private equity houses and sovereign wealth funds, Debt capital markets and syndicated loans bankers, M&A and project finance bankers, Islamic finance bankers, Lawyers, accountants, consultants and rating agencies, Central bankers and regulators, Heads of Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets and Fixed Income, Heads of Bond origination and sales, Heads of Loan Syndications and Debt Syndicate, Heads of Project Finance and Infrastructure Finance, Heads of Corporate and Acquisition Finance, Heads of Islamic Finance, Heads of International Finance, Finance-insurance-company representatives securities , Representatives of local government municipal public-participation, Capital Markets , Chamber of Commerce , Local governments, Public institutions-the State Economic Enterprises and affiliates, Master Developers, Industry Producers, Universities.


Owners, Chairmen, Partners, Founders, Executive Presidents, Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs (Chief Investment Officers), CBO (Chief Banking Officers), Managing Directors, Managing Partners, Directors General, Advisors, Board Members, Attorneys, Lawyers, Legal Counsels, Financial Analysts, Treasurers, Bankers, Financiers, Investors, Investment Advisors, Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Directors, Managers, Heads, Executive General Managers, General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Executive Managers.

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