EP Academy-EPA 5 (Business & Finance Workshops)

Date(s) - 04/06/2019 - 02/07/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Entrepreneurs Point


Identified Need:

  • Most newcomers and start-ups are slow to understand the financial landscape in Canada, and lack the knowledge required for informed decisions.
  • EP Academy is equipped with the right tools to support its cohorts to understand the system and build successful ventures.


  • To Empower start-ups, entrepreneurs, and professionals to manage their financial well-being.
  • To Teach businesses the tools and resources required to fund, market, brand products, and get partnerships.
  • To Enhance the knowledge of participants on financial, credit, risk, and tax management.


  • EP Academy’s goal is to adopt teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of newcomers, skilled immigrants, and resident professionals.
  • EP Academy will teach skills, style, systems, standards, and procedures to manage the financial, personal, business, and corporate side of life


  • Olutoyin Oyelade: Founder, InVcap Corp* | CasaFoundation | Convener-Friends of Africa (D.MGT/AIM)
  • Cheryl Bedard: Co-founder, Bedard Associates | Founding Member, Immigrant Women In Business (CRM)
  • Yannick Le Fang:  Founder, Kasi Insights | Group Manager, Risk Mgt; TD Canada Trust Bank (PRM)


  • Fatima Kamenge-Administrator (MSc)
  • Ben Ngenzi-Faculty Assistant


  • The syllabus is a description of a series of lectures presented by scholars and practitioners over 12 sessions
  • Each segment would be a ninety-minute interactive presentation with relevant workbooks provided
  • 30 minute Q & A (Question and Answer) sessions will follow each workshop
  • Practitioner Presentations from sector relevant organizations will be available
  • Support Exercises will be provided
  • Workshop series are interactive and flow progressively from course to course


  • Participants work independently to identify their purpose, target markets, and sales strategy
  • Participants create their own draft business plan and financial plan for Faculty review


  • Business Finance Series is designed as a 6-Session Workshop.
  • Workshops will be conducted over a 6-Week period
  • Exercises will be administered in between workshop days
  • Participants must commit to attend all Workshop segments


  • Participants are attached to Business Mentors from diverse industry sectors
  • Participants benefits from Intern-Entrepreneurship programs
  • Participants access practice and networking sessions at EntrepreneursPoint.com
  • Participants gain experiential learning from Top industry experts by sectors such as:
  • Banking: TD Canada Trust Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Business Development Bank, Canada- BDC
  • Investment: InVcap (and its Investors Group)
  • Real Estate, Law, Accounting
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