DeWinton – IG Wealth Retirement & Tax Planning Seminar

Date(s) - 14/03/2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

De Winton Community Hall


This exclusive seminar will focus on a number of strategies that help Canadians save tax in retirement. Our speakers lead a financial planning team that has a combined 40 years’ experience specializing in retirement planning. It will provide clarity on the complex task of creating an efficient retirement paycheque. The presentation will focus on the following key areas that pertain to retirement planning:

  • Creating a roadmap and how to stick to it
  • When and how to star planning effectively
  • How to maximize your government benefits
  • The hidden tax many people overlook
  • Strategies for pre-retirees

This presentation will run for 45 minutes with 15 minutes at the end for questions. Our seminar is designed for individuals with $250,000 or more in retirement savings.

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