DealFlow – World’s First Experiential Real Estate Investment Game

DealFlow – World’s First Experiential Real Estate Investment Game

Date(s) - 09/02/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

459 Seaport Court


DealFlow Game is an interactive experience-based learning environment where the teacher is the student and the student is the teacher. Opportunities are never lost – others take the ones you miss as you experience wholesaling, fix and flips, rehabs, subject-to agreements, lease-purchases, options, commercial & multi-family transactions, land development, special use projects & financing strategies.

DealFlow is two highly interactive days of Game play. Participants attend the first Saturday and come back two weeks later for the second Saturday. During this time you work with other Game participants on real life deals. No more ‘sitting on the bench’.

You’re in the Game and IN the Game. But not alone.

The only difference between Creation and reaCtion is where you put the letter “C” and the “C” stands for community. Having a community of “DealFlowers” growing experiences & deal sources cultivates support and encouragement.  Attendees often uncover why certainty in yourself is the key to success.  What fears and self-doubts are holding you back and how perseverance and self-confidence overcome challenges.  Once you register and play, you’re an annual member of our community sharing skills and resources with a pipeline of deals to consider.

As you work with capital providers and title & insurance companies competing for all types of real estate offerings, at any moment unexpected *events occur building your due diligence and risk analysis.


 Players compete for deals while facing:

*Fraud, Crime, Embezzlement, Deceit & Misguided Counsel

*Insurance & Tenant Challenges

*Economic & Environmental Setbacks

*Property Problems

*Personal & Political Issues

Due diligence is what you owe your money. You get due diligence through experience.

Education will always (and in all ways) lack experience.

The DealFlow Game accelerates experience and is specifically designed to transfer those experiences into the real world.

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