Banking On Women

Banking On Women

Date(s) - 19/09/2019
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Mid-America Club


The future of Finance is Female! Banking needs to prepare for its female customer and offer products and services that resonate with women. Banking On Women is women talking with women about the future trends and how these trends are going to change how business is done. Most financial institutions consider women a niche market when we are the market and the future. Women are set to inherit $22 Trillion in investible assets by 2020.

One WSJ article posits that by 2022, women will control over 60% of the wealth in the US. Globally, women make 80% of all buying decisions. 96% of Women share in or are primarily in charge of, financial decisions. Women make 80% of all healthcare decisions on behalf of our Care Networks and that is everyone that we feel financially and emotionally responsible for.

Women are also rising in the ranks as breadwinners of households (approximately 38%) and first generation wealth in their families. 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lifetimes. Women 50+ control $19 Trillion and own more than ¾ of the nation’s financial wealth (She Economy).

When it comes to women and our financial influence there are some key trends to celebrate about why we are taking the lead:

  1. women are more decisive with financial choices,
  2. women are significant household earners,
  3. women are becoming more engaged in their financial decisions,
  4. advisors need to plan specially for women as they are generating the money
  5. women are willing to be educated continuous learners

Since we are learning continuously this conference will focus on:

  1. What women need to know about the future of finance
  2. How AI and Blockchain are influencing the future
  3. Blockchain, AI, and Cyber Security are going to impact our way of doing business with finance, what should we be aware of


  • Networking & Bites
  • Emcee Introduction & Overview
  • Host Introduction
  • Conversation with Lisa Kornick Founder, First Women’s Bank of Chicago
  • Keynote Address
  • How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Future – Panel Discussion
  • Q&A What Do You Need To Know To Maximize AI and Blockchain
  • Closing Remarks & Thank Yous
  • Networking
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