April 2019 Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Social Club

April 2019 Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Social Club

Date(s) - 16/04/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The REI Social Club is a free networking event for real estate investors and for individuals who would like to be real estate investors. The goal of the event is to have fun and hang out with other active real estate investors, professionals and service providers.
This group is different from the majority of other real estate investing groups out there. We do not have a guest speaker and there is not an education portion to this meeting. No one will try and sell you anything. This is your opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals who like to talk about real estate and learn from others’ shared experiences. If you are looking for a specific contractor, or a property to buy, or a property to sell, or a way to finance your deal, or if you just want to listen to experienced real estate investors discuss their projects, this is the meeting for you.

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